DangInvestor provide two independent financial analysis and business valuation modules.

Our aim is to provide the investor with a quick but thorough understanding of the company’s financial position, historical performance and suite of tools based on Benjamin Graham’s and industry’s standard sets of valuation metrics – all automatically calculated, visualised and centralised on the cloud along with reported earnings and various financial metrics: Your past research and insights are always at your fingertips.

The modules are designed so that investors are not required to have any understanding of accounting or the mechanics of financial statements – yet perfectly understand and comfortably interpret their meaning and implications.

With DangInvestor, investors are able to focus their time and effort on the more important aspect of business analysis – the reading and deep understanding of what the numbers really mean, the context and history of the company and its financials.

The mechanical and laborious calculation of financial ratios and its assumptions are taken care of by us – with added structure and organisation of the results, with handy tips to guide interpretation. These, among others, fit with our main objective: helping the investor make every company they ever look into a case study – not a mere memory of some missed opportunity or lucky breaks.



Sounds contradictory when users are asked to enter data when financial ratios are freely available and any software provider worth its salt could buy them by the regions then simply chart them up.

So why do we at DangInvestor design our application outside the standard and basic financial data everyone in the industry is buying?

Imperial Grand Strategy? Well that too… but mainly, while we see some use in the data that’s freely available, we operate on the premise that not all ratios are defined and calculated properly; financial ratios should never be taken on its face value – it must be read and understood in its context. Context and interpretation are provided everywhere – just not in the one place as they are on DangInvestor.

Most importantly, we move beyond the interpretation of basic financials from the main financial statements – we go into dividend policies, top shareholders, management pay and performance and much more.

Put another way: