DangInvestor provide two independent business analysis and valuation modules: quick.Look and Detailed Analysis|Valuation.

While each module require its own set of data entry, being independent of each other the investor can choose to either do a quick look and only proceed to the detailed analysis if the opportunity appear promising.

In cases where the investor have great interests in the company – either as a detailed case study, private departmental reporting requirement… – the Detailed module are more useful as it requires deeper break down of top line financial figures.





quick.Look are designed for a quick, mechanical, analysis of top-line financial items. As such, its data entry does not require data from the notes to financial items.

Since the each line items are not important and no detail look is required at this point, results from this quick.Look analysis should only be taken at face value and as a starting point to decide if a more detailed and thorough review is of interests.



  • Start at earliest year; work towards the most recent
    • First year will likely set the template of financial items for latter years.
    • Working from years earlier and going forward will paint a picture of the company’s progress, strategies, management thinking and changes.


  • Keep accounting item and its description consistent
    • The main data entry break down the top line figures into its various components. When the company does not provide breakdown of the line items, or management description are too specific, or the business does not seem to fit its items with the standard format: choose best fit description of item or use “other”.
    • As long as expense items goes to expense, revenue to revenue etc. DangInvestor’s algorithm will sort out the KPIs as defined.
    • That is, it is important to keep a consistent definition of line items and use the myNotes column for short description if necessary.
    • If items are not listed on DangInvestor’s financial statement, add them together and enter at the “other” line item of same section.


HINT: A good way to ensure consistent definition of line items is to copy the non-standard description defined at your myNotes at the earliest year and paste it to the corresponding line item for each year thereafter. This will save time – you do not need to look up and define/redefine the items – and ensure accurate and consistent definition of items for the entire company.


DangInvestor.com Financial Statement Data Entry
DangInvestor.com Financial Statement Data Entry


Statement of Financial Position|Performance

  • Split-Screen (hold Windows Key + Arrow in Windows OS);
  • Use keyboard and arrow to enter and tab works quicker;
  • Simply enter top-line item directly, no notes required here;
  • Add notes as needed and batch save changes at end of grid.




Statement of Cash Flows

For each key activity, enter all INFLOW items first then all OUTFLOW items.