Sirtex Medical Ltd.

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Sirtex (SRX) got a takeover offer of $28 a share. Its board recommends shareholders take it. I spent a reasonable chunk of my portfolios on SRX, bought for my children their first shares with their savings… averaging about high $11 … Continued

To Buy or Not to Buy.

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The news has it that most stock indices around the world had just passed its previous peak 10 years ago – just before the GFC crashed the parties. The stats I’ve ran across paints a pretty alarming picture of the … Continued

Stocks, Properties and Leverage.

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Mechanically speaking, leverage is the advantage gained by using a lever ( In finance, the general definition of that lever is equity (an investor’s money) gained by using other people’s money (debt) to buy and control bigger assets at negligible … Continued

Debt to Equity Ratio

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A quick note on using Debt/Equity Ratio to quickly gauge the company’s finances. To my thinking, Debt to Equity basically gives an idea on how the company’s assets are financed: Through debt, or through the shareholders.   TYPES OF DEBTS … Continued

Mayne Pharma – Imperial Hubris

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Hubris is probably the wrong word with Mayne Pharma. An empire must have been established for some time to rack up enough greatness and glory, crystallised, unquestioned… to then have the arrogance worth bragging about. Imperial Ambition is probably more accurate… but … Continued

On Investment Mistakes

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Recent news headline speaks of Buffett unloading Berkshire’s stake in IBM. The implication is, as the title suggests, that Buffett is mortal and do get it wrong every now and then. While it’s obvious that if an investor call it … Continued

Is The Reject Shop a Bargain at $4 and $5?

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The Reject Shop’s (ASX: TRS) 3rd Quarter trading update in April, the one that crashed its share price, announced that the company expect a 4% decline in sales from FY2016’s $799.9M, or about $768M for the year, if “tough market conditions continue”. Retail is a tough … Continued

Anaeco & Shoalhaven Resource Recovery Park

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On 15th March 2017, ANQ updates the market on Shoalhaven City Council’s changes to the proposed 65,000 to 90,000 tpa Resource Recover Facility (RRF) for the council’s mixed municipal waste. The change is basically this: that Council decided to open up the … Continued

On Anaeco and the XEPT Transaction

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The Xiaoqing Environmental Protection Technology Co Ltd (XEPT) partial debt-purchase (from Monadelphous) and equity conversion in Anaeco was expected to have been completed by the end of 2016. This was delayed and the company announced to the market earlier in the year … Continued

Zenviron Winning Sapphire Wind Farm

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In the statement released from Monadephous 2016 AGM today, Rob Velettri announced that Zenviron “… is the preferred tenderer of the Balance of Plant associated with the CWP Renewables Saphhire Wind Far in New South Wales” (p.6). With work expected to start … Continued

Analysis of Asaleo Care Ltd. (ASX: AHY)

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At first glance, Asaleo Care got a few things going against it. First, it’s in the tissue, nappy and tampon business – products where, maybe the exception being tampons and incontinence pads, are easily interchangeable staples. Though non-discretionary, these are the … Continued

Bad Bio

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As I’ve done with the ASX’s media industry, below are Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology companies an investor should ignore. That’s not to say that these companies are badly managed or run by bad people – who knows. They’re just “bad” from a purely … Continued

Analysis of Carillion plc (LSE: CLLN)

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The first thing you’ll noticed as you flip through Carillion’s financials is the way it report its revenues: for some reason, it takes away the group’s share of Joint Ventures’ revenues from total revenue. Balfour Beatty (a construction competitor, sometime JV … Continued


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Zhuge The God OR. Know your Enemy. Know yourself. OR. Why you should definitely open the city’s gates when you know who lead the barbarians. Channeling a bit of Stanley Kubrick for the title there (Dr. Strangelove for the film illiterate). … Continued

Why Invest in Stocks?

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Short answer: to make money. But as with making money, as with anything really, you become much better at it if you know what it is about. Knowing what you’re doing.. well that comes with first knowing what it is … Continued

Market and Business Management

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Graham and Buffett, among others, have advised investors to only focus on understanding the business and ignore the market. To a large extend, management of businesses should also only focus on their business and ignore the market and share price … Continued

Can “Efficiency Gains” create more oil?

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How does “efficiency gains” create more oil? There’s only ever 100% of oil in any well. But efficiency comes in many forms, not all of it are to get to the 100% total reserves. “Efficiency” can show up in higher profit … Continued

Sagely Advice

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The Way that can be defined is not The Way. – Lao Tzu. “The Journey of a Thousand miles began with one single step.” – Confucius. Those are sagely wisdom.   To advise investors to buy low, sell high; Buy … Continued

Man, Market and the Rise of the Machines

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Benjamin Graham has been quoted as saying (in the 1970s) that given the rapid rise and wide availability of computing technologies, his and other Value Investor’s work has become more and more difficult to the extend that bargains are very … Continued

BEWARE Total Shareholders Return

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Be very cautious of management touting Total Shareholder Returns (TSR) as a measure of their, and the company’s, performance. Under the very best of circumstances this measure is fleeting; under most circumstances where it is promoted, management either put too … Continued

The Market & My Geniusesses

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Bought a little offshore logistics and support company (MMA Offshores) during October/November 2015 for average of 22.5cents per share. Today, only some 3 months later it is 32 cents – a 42% gain. Also planned to buy Metcash when it … Continued

Snowstorms and Oil

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What would a blizzard, a snowstorm, a hurricane, a heatwave etc. do to the oil market? Will it go up, down or depends? Though the headlines tend to either attribute the weather, or are surprised that “despite” the weather, oil … Continued

Oil Glut, Grand Strategy Part 2: Divestment

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How do you make a lot of money selling your non-core assets? You make it look incredibly profitable, offload it, take the cash home. Reuters report Saudi Aramco’s Chairman confirming today that its non-core assets, the hardware and infrastructures, used to … Continued

Two Ways to Look at Oil (over)Supply

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If a major, “pioneering” $US18B project to turn coal seam gas to LNG could only manage to produce 7.8million tonnes LNG per year (with 1 mt being  8.873 mmboe, GLNG produces 69.209 mmboe per year), then a 1.5mmboe per day … Continued

The Big Short – Michael Lewis

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Have read a couple of other books by Michael Lewis and thought he’s a great story teller. I would say a great writer but that may bring in the literary greats for comparison and English majors may not take kindly … Continued

News: Market Rise because…

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Headline on Reuters today read:   Global stocks rise as slowing China growth boosts stimulus prospects Shares in Europe and Asia rose and the dollar gained after data showing China’s economy grew last year at its slowest pace in a quarter … Continued

Market Price: Halves & Doubles

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An common expression is that if a share drops by half, it will need to double to get back to where it started. The math at first appear insightful; its implication of a struggle to get back up again… while may sound … Continued

Oil Glut & Grand Strategy

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If we were to take the IEA’s demand/supply figures as an accurate reflection of actual world demand and supply for oil. The follow up question is “WHY”? Why the apparent self-inflicted pain? It seems OPEC, Russia, US shale operators, Australia’s … Continued

What does a subZero Share Price Mean?

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  A poster named Cheplan on Post # 16787080 post an estimate his broker sent from UBS valuing Santos under various oil price scenarios. According to the table, UBS modelling priced Santos at -$1.67 per share if oil hit … Continued

Oil Glut. What Oil Glut?

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So according to latest figures from the IEA, world oil supply was 96.91 million b/day; demand 96.71 million b/day.     The chart also show similar trend past few quarters. There’s maybe an average of 1m b per day oversupply… … Continued