There are, currently, seven main modules for each Company Analysis – five made up two distinct steps in the analysis and valuation process; the remaining two modules serve the company’s administrative and supporting purposes.





Details of these modules are discussed in their respective pages. However it is worth noting the two main Business Analysis and Valuation modules.



  1. quick.Look

Aims to provide investor with a quick  and methodical analysis of new opportunities.

By only entering top-line data for the 3 main financial statements, the investor could begin to analyse a year’s worth of financial data within 5 to 10 minutes; and 5 years’ worth within the hour.

Every report or updates thereafter will only take 5 to 10 minutes to keep the investor thoroughly up to date with the company’s latest position and performance.


  1. Detailed Company Analysis | Valuation

When a quick.Look analysis show promising potential; When the investor wishes to look into greater detail the company’s business and management, DangInvestor’s detailed analysis is the module to use.

With Data Entry here being independent from the quick.Look Data Entry, Detailed Analysis|Valuation are linked only to the detailed Data Entry here and provides in-depth analysis of both financial performance, management pay and performance analysis and the Valuation module with its KPIs, calculators and value implication dashboards.

  • DataEntry: detailed data for the three major financial statements are required.
  • Key Events, Board of Director|Key Personnel and Shareholder data entry are independent. However, analysis of management pay and corporate performance will require data from both.
  • DangInvestor break the Analysis|Valuation process into four key steps – Financial Position; Financial Performance; Management Analysis; Valuation.

With each step presenting data and key measures we believe are essential to the analysis of key decision points. This is one of the ways we structure and stanardardized the investment valuation process – removing the random guess work and other “arts” to investing.