DangInvestor takes our role as the only provider of a complete Business Analysis and Valuation system very seriously.

This is why we go beyond the mere calculation and visualisation of key financial ratios and provide a complete package an investor would need in carrying out the role of a business analyst.

Where others would just buy or rent basic financial data and leave it at that – DangInvestor:

  • carefully calculate these ratios and its variations;
  • structure the ratios into methodical steps for a thorough analysis;
  • provide context and contrasts to the figures for greater understanding;
  • provide hints and tips along with the charts so aid interpretation and continuous learning… etc.

An added feature to further improve on our aim are the Key Issues and Executive Summary modules.



Further to the detailed 15-point analysis feature for investor to structure their research, a Q&A Pop-Up notepad is available anywhere within the business analysis module.

Useful to record key issues and critical questions for further research, this should provide key points to summarise the company’s overall performance and judgement.