DangInvestor is first and foremost a business analysis and valuation software – it is not a stock market application. That is, listed company just happen to be the most accessible form of purchasing a share in the business.

By treating private business and publicly listed corporations as one and the same kind of entity, DangInvestor has standardized the approach, simplified the interpretation of financial statements, provide various visualisation of key metrics and valuation tools for the purpose of studying and valuing any business enterprise.

Our aim is to provide the best business (stock) valuation tools for the value investor. As such, we do not dumb down or skip important concepts and key measures – we standardized and structured them into one single approach and provide learning tools and tips, point to discussions and answer queries to hopefully make the study of business analysis as sound, logical and less manually intensive as a software developer could.

We do not believe in short cuts or secret formulae to success. And hope that through these pages and through the work we’ve done – and continually improve upon – our efforts would help contribute to the making of the Intelligent Investor Graham and Dodd, Phillip A. Fisher and Peter Lynch… believe we could, and ought to, be to achieve success in investing as in any other of life’s endeavours.

It will take a great deal of work – but one we believe will be worth your while.



There are two ways to start analysing a business on DangInvestor: add the company yourself or download a copy from DangInvestor Research Exchange (DCiX).

The only difference between the two options is that when you download a copy from DCiX, financial and certain data, possibly with some analysis and commentaries, would have been entered for you to launch your own research from. When you add your own company, you will start from scratch in your analysis and valuation.


Contain three modules:

  1. SEARCH|myCOMPANIES to find and continue to companies you have added;
  2. ADD NEW COMPANY to create new company profile for analysis;
  3. RESEARCH EXCHANGE to download companies with detailed data and research completed.


DangInvestor.com Business Analysis Module
DangInvestor.com Business Analysis Module