DangInvestor works from the raw data you, the user, have entered.

Depends on how many years you are analysing, each of our five main charting modules – noting that each module contain up to 30 charts and hundreds of data series – would normally take 6 to 25 seconds to calculate and visualise 5 to 20 years worth of data.

While that is quite reasonable, DangInvestor’s unique Sync to KPIs feature just made it as fast as all the data vendors’ fixed, flattened and compromised basic data out there.



To automate the syncing of raw data to enable immediate calculation and presentation of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).



At each quick.DataEntry and detailed Data Entry:

1. Automatically detect and sync any changes to data you’ve entered.

2. User can Manually queue each company’s data to be sync.

DangInvestor will detect manual Sync request and also automatically synch changes you’ve made to your data.

These changes and request will be updated within the hour.

Sync Status and details of updates are detailed at each respective data entry page:





  • DATA DATE:     Date data last saved.

Note standard definition of Data Date mean the date of the data – which in our case could mean the annual or quarterly reports. But here we take this definition to mean date of last save to contrast date data was entered with date data was sync;

  • SYNC STATUS:   Either OPEN or CLOSED  or N/A

OPEN = Data is in queue to be sync.

CLOSED = Data has already successfully been sync.

N/A = New profile with no new data to sync.





1. Automatic detection and syncing of your raw data are done within an hour of changes made at each quick.Look’s Data Entry and detailed Data Entry pages.

That is, our system will automatically detect the changes you’ve made and take care of it.

Details of data changes and sync status are detailed at Data Entry page like below:





2. Manual sync of raw data are user-requested by clicking on the “Sync to KPIs” button at respective data entry page.

Use this when internet connection disrupts data transfer and you want your current data sync – just click on the orange button and we’ll take care of the rest.




1. Sync Status and details most up to date at the manual SynToKPIs loading panel.



When DangInvestor have yet to sync the data entered, you will simply access the default LIVE calculation of your data.

Depends on the amount of data you’ve entered, less than five years of data won’t cause any noticeable delay; above five years of data generally results in some 10 to 20 second delay.

The status of the Sync are notified when you click “Sync to KPIs